Vegetarian Khao Soi – Coconut based Noodles Soup

This Khao Soi Soup is in no way authentic! But we know that it is very delicious, comforting and a very flavorful soup. It is perfect for the winters as it warms the heart and the home and easy to make in a batch. I love making this for parties as it looks like a lot of effort has gone into it, but we all know, it is fairly simple. The different levels of flavors…

"Vegetarian Khao Soi – Coconut based Noodles Soup"

Thukpa – Noodle Soup from Tibet

We are big fans of soups and if it serves up a full complete meal – what better? Thukpa, is a Noodle Soup with it’s roots from Tibet and digging deeper, it’s said to have come there from China. It is now had as a staple in Bhutan, Nepal and very popular in the North-Eastern States of India as well, with little and subtle variations depending on regions and availability. Enjoy this simple and easy…

"Thukpa – Noodle Soup from Tibet"

Rasam Recipe

Rasam is a staple item in most South Indian homes, but if you visit 5 different homes, you will get to experience 5 different rasam recipes – all equally delicious. Here is our take on a basic rasam recipe, one you can try with rice or as a light soup. We hope you’ll enjoy the fragrance and flavor of this comfort food.

"Rasam Recipe"

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Soups always warm your hearts and your tummy and is the ultimate comfort food. Make this hearty Mushroom Soup as a full meal along with some Garlic Bread or as a side to meal, either way, it’s bound to steal the show. Don’t like Mushrooms? No Problem, change out the Mushrooms for Broccoli, Asparagus or Brussels Sprouts and everyone’s happy. Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 25 min Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: Mushrooms – 1 lb,…

"Creamy Mushroom Soup"

Cool Mint Cucumber Soup

Cucumber and Mint both spell “Summer”, “Refreshing”, “Cool”! This wonderful Cold Soup is a great alternative to the warm, hot soup that we are more familiar with. Try this awesome, simple yet cool soup over the summer for a party or better yest, a barbecue! For garnish add a sprig of fresh Mint and a slice of Cucumber and enjoy! Prep Time: 10 min Cook Time: 5 min Chill Time: 1 hour Serves: 4-6 Ingredients:…

"Cool Mint Cucumber Soup"