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The wait is over…Thank you, YouTube!

ShowMeTheCurry.com gets a Silver Play Button Award from YouTube. It was long, LONG overdue but heck, better late than never, right? A little background, the Sliver Play button is given to YouTubers who cross the 100K subscriber mark and we did…but we could not have done it without you, each and every one of you! […]
Where is Anuja NOW?

Every video we post, the most asked question is ‘Where is Anuja NOW?’ So we figured, why not just answer it in a video 😁
Aquafaba – Vegan Egg Substitute Recipe

There are a lot of people that just can’t handle eggs – be it the smell, allergies or just religious or moral preferences! It’s okay, we have this fabulous substitute that gives the recipe the lift and the lightness and pretty much replicates the properties and texture of an egg, Use it for cakes, cookies, […]
Where’s Anuja?

A lot of people have been wondering where Anuja is…
Bajra Roti Demonstration at Dastkar Mela – Glimpses Of India

Authentic style of making Pearl Millet Flour Rotis – Gluten free and enjoy the beautiful folk music.
Daulat Ki Chaat – Indian Street Food

This amazing Street Food can’t be breat! Chandni Chowk, a hub of whole sale business in Old Delhi but also known for the food – the street food, the kebabs, the chaats, the kheers, the sandwiches, chole 7 bhature, bedmi puris – the list is endless! Here is a little clip from the time I […]
Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe

Peanut Butter is Golden Goodness! Lots of kids love them and they are a staple in lunches, but did you know that Peanut butter is a great source of protein, potassium and healthy fats? And why just for kids, adults too! Spread some on crackers or mix in with some fruits or just use it […]
Parathewali Gali, Chandni Chowk (Old Delhi) – Street Foods Of India

Parathewali Gali – literally means – a narrow lane where they have Parathas! And that is just what it is – a narrow alley where there are a few shops that are known to have some very famous parathas. So going into the history, Parathewali Gali is in the heart of Chandini Chowk, the oldest […]
King of Street Food – Paan (Betel Leaf)!

Paan is sold in small corner-stores as well as some fancy shops all of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and neighboring countries. The “Paan-walas” stuff lots of different things into a pan and it is enjoyed as a mouth freshener as well has some digestive properties to it as well. There are a lot of flavors of […]
Glimpse at the Lohri Festivities in India

Lohri is celebrated with a bonfire and singing and dancing. It is to mark the beginning of harvest and the shortest day of the year…here is a quick look into Lohri celebrations in India. The same day, in different parts of India, there are festivities – Pongal, Sankranti. Here you will see the bonfire and […]
Happy Holidays from ShowMeTheCurry.com

Remember to smile everyday!
Homemade Panir and Masala Paneer (Indian Cheese) Recipe

Paneer is an Indian Cheese that is used in a lot of Indian Recipes – savory and desserts.The beauty of it is that it takes on the flavor of the spices or ingredients that go into the dish it is used in. What we also love is the fact that it is a cheese that […]
Kotthu Parotha – Street Foods Video from Sri Lanka

The popular beach on Galle Face in Colombo is buzzing with hawkers – foods, toys, trinkets and needless to say, we noticed that the food hawkers were the most popular. We were obviously in the right place. Kotthu Roti or Kottu Parotha is what we made a bee-line for. We have a video for an […]
Glimpses of Colombo (Sri Lanka)

On a recent visit to Colombo, I was blown away by the breath-taking beauty for Colombo. As a foodie, was no dearth of street foods to try and flavors to sink my teeth into. The acharu (pickles), yam fries, appams (hoppers), seafood, kothu parotha, sambols…the list is endless. The one thing that just stood out […]
Santa Monica Farmers Market

Join Hetal from ShowMeTheCurry, Hilah Johnson from HilahCooking and Veronica Hill from CaliforniaTravelTips as they explore the Santa Monica Farmers Market and chat with local vendors.
Dosa – Street Food Video from Mumbai

Now why would we show you a Dosa video from Mumbai? What this video and see what unfolds! Once again, it’s Anand Stall right by Mithibai College, that just blows our minds away. They have taken the simple dosa or dosai and combined it with beautiful and surprising elements. The result, a fusion of cuisines […]
Grilled Vegetarian Sandwhich, Street Food Video from Mumbai

Mumbai is known for a lot of the things and the top two would be Street Foods and Bollywood! In a recent trip to the beautiful city, I tried so many great street foods. Here is a look at the famous Sandwich at Anand Stall, outside Mithibai College. This Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich was loaded with […]
Homemade Yogurt & Homemade Greek Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt making is not rocket-science but it is science and very simple science. Yogurt /Curd or Greek Yogurt can be made at home very easily and at a fraction of the cost and to your taste. Follow the steps, make it at home and you’ll figure out how simple it is. Ingredients: Milk – 8 […]
FoodSaver G3H (V4865) Vacuum Sealer Review

Here is a look at the new G3H Vacuum Sealer from FoodSaver and its uses for preserving food and extending shelf life.
Homemade Pancake Recipe

There is one thing in common with most kids…they LOVE pancakes! If you’re like us, your kids will ask for pancakes when your boxed pancake mix is over and you forgot to get some more. No worries…here is a homemade pancake recipe for you to try that will put an end to the boxed stuff. […]
Avocado & Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise Recipe

Mayonnaise is one of the key elements that makes a sandwich or burger super delicious. Unfortunately, it cannot be enjoyed by many people who are allergic to or do not eat eggs. The problem is solved with this delicious Avocado and Olive Oil Eggless Mayonnaise recipe. Whether you choose not to eat eggs or are […]
Show Me The Curry Updates

Just wanted to fill you in…
A Day in the Life of SMTC – Behind the Scenes

Here is a glimpse into a typical day at ShowMeTheCurry.com, behind the scenes. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making this video.
Homemade Rasam Powder

How many times have you been unimpressed by the lack of flavor of some store bought rasam powders? Many of these powders or masalas start out fresh and flavorful but lose their potency over time, especially if you don’t use them very often. How do you combat this problem, you ask? Simple…make you own fresh […]
Homemade Tamarind Concentrate (Paste)

In some households, tamarind paste or tamarind concentrate is used on a regular basis. It is readily available at your local Indian or Asian grocery store, but you can make it at home for a fraction of the cost. Having tamarind paste on hand is a big time saver and the best part…its got an […]
Recipe Book Giveaway

Holidays are here and everyone is looking for recipes and dishes to make for parties, gatherings, potlucks. Tell us about ONE recipe from ShowMeTheCurry.com that you have made for a party or a get-together and it was just a phenomenal success. What did you like about the dish or what do you think was the […]
Diwali Mithais and Snacks!

Diwali or the Festival of Lights can be a stressful time with the pressures of making the perfect sweets, mithai and snacks, making sure the home is impeccable for Dhanteras and Lakshmi Pooja, as well as getting your shopping done for your gold and silver coins and jewelry. In the midst of all the confusion, […]
Recipe Rehab Talent Search

Recipe Rehab is looking for the next great YouTube chef to appear on their TV show, currently airing Saturday mornings on ABC. Watch our healthier version of a Asian classic! Do you think we have what it takes be the next Recipe Rehab chefs show? If so, please visit the link below, watch the full […]
Simple Syrup

Simple Syrup is really as simple as it’s name. It just can sometimes get confusing due to the many different applications. Here we simplify it and take the confusion out of it making it even more simpler! Ingredients: 1st type: for drinks (cocktails and mocktails) 1 part Water 1 part Sugar 2nd type: for diluted […]
Cultural Kitchen

A few weeks back, the folks from Cultural Kitchen visited with us. We showed them how Sooji Halwa (Sheera) is made and shared some of our own personal stories with them. We wanted to share this video with you all.
Around the World – Cancun Mexico

Join ShowMeTheCurry as we take a look into the Grand Palladium Resorts (Riviera Maya), near Cancun and Tulum, Mexico. Watch Executive chef Martin from the Portofino Italian restaurant whip up some of Palladium’s specialties! Also see some tourist spots such as the beautiful Tulum beach and the amazing Mayan ruins.
Glimpses Of India – Tea Factory

The process of making the tea leaves is always so fascinating for folks who enjoy their “cup of tea” in the mornings. The two areas that majority of tea is grown are Assam and Tamil Nadu (Cunnur / Coonoor). The simple looking factory situated in the beautiful rolling hills of tea plantations churns out amazing […]
Around the World Miami Florida

Join ShowMeTheCurry around the world and enjoy the sights and sounds of Miami and Key West, Florida!
Glimpses of India – Banana Chips and Tea

On the road trip in Kerala, we stopped at a small cluster of shops and treated our stomachs to some hot banana chips and some yummy authentic chai-a! The awesome display of mastery at making the chips looked so easy and had me try my hand at it and all I can say is “Thank […]
Glimpses Of India – Malabar Parotta

This layered Parotta is from the Malabar region of India (State of Kerala). On a recent visit to India (Ooty), we ate at a small road-side joint and had this amazing fresh-off-the-griddle parottas. The skill required to make these Parottas has been portrayed with so much ease by the gentleman making them. Enjoy the video.
The Healthy Indian Diet

We are very proud to introduce our first book called “The Healthy Indian Diet” written in collaboration with Dr. Niraj “Raj” Patel. Similar to the highly popular Mediterranean Diet, read about the health benefits of a traditional Indian diet and learn to make small changes in your daily food habits to protect yourself from chronic […]
Homemade Curry Powder

The western world has come to rely on curry powder as a convenient one-stop shop in the spice cabinet. With some of the most prominent Indian spices present, curry powder delivers Indian flavor without the fuss. Try this homemade curry powder recipe and experience the aroma and flavor of freshly roasted and ground spices!
Seitan – Veggie Meat

Whether you are a newly converted vegetarian or born vegetarian looking for a great source for protein, Seitan (Say-tan) provides yet another option to your meal planning. Made from Vital Wheat Gluten, this completely vegetarian item has the texture, and depending on the flavoring, the taste of meat. Try this versatile Seitan recipe for curries, […]
Fresh Strawberry Jam

The best time to make homemade jams is when any particular fruit is in season. Since strawberries are bright red, juicy and sweet about now, let’s make fresh homemade strawberry jam. It is easier than you think and a blessing to know what actually goes into your strawberry jam recipe.
Lighter Side of Show Me The Curry – Bloopers

We think the video says it all! Enjoy 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We wish all of our wonderful viewers a joyous holiday season and a very healthy, happy & prosperous 2011! Enjoy this re-release of our Christmas video made a couple of years back. Thank you for your continued support! Hetal & Anuja
Around the World – Paris

Take a little trip around Paris, France with ShowMeTheCurry.com!
Around the World – Poland

Join Show Me The Curry Around the World as we explore different locations and different cuisines. Our first stop…Krakow, Poland.
SMTC Cooking Class

To Register: http://www.cookingschoolsofamerica.com/centralmarketplano/index.php?flag_menu_index=reservation_php#539
Flavored Homemade Butter

Ever wonder why Betty bought some “better Butter”? Why did she not just make the “better Butter” at home herself? 😉 Sometimes it is so wonderful to go back to the original way to doing things…making fresh Butter at Home and then giving it the personal touch and making it even better. So next time […]
Barbecue (with the guys)

The “guys” decided that they should teach us on how we should work on our Show Me The Curry videos! What better way to tell us than “show” us how it’s supposed to be done! Hetal and I sat back and watched the drama and the action unfold…and we both have to admit that they […]
Oats Dosa – Healthy Dosa

This fantastic nutritious packed Dosa made with majority Oats and lesser Rice is a perfect start (breakfast) or end (dinner) for the day. More of the Oats and less of the Rice makes this a lot easier to grind, a task that can become cumbersome at time. The flavor of the Oats in the Dosa […]
Sabudana Khichdi – Spiced Tapioca (Sago)

Sabudana Khichdi is a popular dish from Maharastra, India. Made from tapioca (sago), this sabudana khichdi recipe is a wonderful blend of flavors — sweet, tangy, spicy, balanced to perfection. It makes a mouth watering brunch or lunch item and is often enjoyed during times of fasting.
Vegetable Broth or Stock

Vegetable Stock is a very important ingredient when making soups or just making daals and pulaos more nutritious and flavorful. This vegetable stock recipe is very simple yet it’s packed with goodness and so much more flavorful that using water. Homemade broth or stock is not just cheaper but a lot healthier and tastier (and […]
Ginger & Garlic Paste

A big time saver in the kitchen is to have ginger and garlic paste on hand and ready to use. Unfortunately, the store bought ones tend to have a lot of preservatives, giving them a funny aftertaste and smell. Try this quick recipe to make your own ginger and garlic paste at home – all […]
Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee is a very integral part of a South Asian household. It is used for cooking and religious functions. The flavor, the aroma is so distinct and there is not a substitute for it. Clarified Butter in Hindi is called Ghee (घी) and in some of the other languages: Nepali: घ्यू ghyū, Urdu: گھی ghī, […]
Basic Garam Masala

Here is a basic Garam Masala recipe that we can use on an everyday basis. Make it and use it and you’ll have a new flavor in life and in your food! AMAZING! And the best part is that it is so easy to make that you’ll wonder why you have not been doing it […]
Rava Pongal (Healthy Upma)

Rava (Rawa) Pongal is a type of healthy upma because it’s made with protein packed mung daal. The mung daal also provides great texture to the normally soft sooji upma. Try this delicious and comforting recipe (courtesy of Girija Challa) for your next weekend breakfast or brunch.
Community powered bargain hunting!

Join us in our latest “Show Me” venture “Show Me The Bargains”. We have just launched ShowMeTheBargains.com, a community powered bargain hunting site. We invite you to come and share the bargains you find as well as benefit from bargains that others on the community have shared. There is no sign up necessary, it’s totally […]
Tea Rusk – Perfect for Dipping!

All of us have some nice warm memories of dipping rusks in our tea on rainy days and the satisfaction that goes along with that homely feeling, mmmm! Then wanting to recreate that ever so often and getting a sticker-shock at the store. Yes, it can get expensive! But, ever thought about making it at […]
Paula Deen at BlogHer ’09

We were excited to see Food Network celebrity Paula Deen as she shared her inspirational story at the BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago, Illinois.
Happy Independence Day!

This is Ayan Jannu at age 2 1/2 singing “Jana Gana Mana” while on a trip to India.
Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Khichdi

If your baby is getting a bit older and past the jarred baby food stage, here is something that may interest you. Try this delicious Cracked Wheat (aka Daliya) Khichdi. Cracked wheat, a wheat product made from whole raw wheat kernels that are crushed or cut into smaller pieces, has a great deal of nutrition […]
Poha (Powa) Recipe

There are many preparations and recipes for Poha, or flattened rice. These dry flakes are used for various Indian snacks such as chivda or in desserts like poha with sweetened milk. In this recipe poha is washed gently and fluffed up to make a soft and savory dish sometimes known as Batata Powa or Kanda […]
Handvo Recipe (Handwa)

Here’s a Gujarati recipe that’s had a lot of requests. Handvo (or Handwa) is an all time favorite snack — perfect for tea time, brunch, anytime! Savory inside with a nutty Sesame Seed crust…just one word — YUM!
Homemade Pizza Crust (Dough)

Homemade Pizza! Yummy! Here’s your chance to get creative in the kitchen. Watch the video, then make the perfect crust…crispy, chewy…and have a field day coming up with delicious toppings. Try this simple recipe for homemade pizza dough and yes, it’s eggless!.
Kothu Parotta Recipe

Kothu Parotta just means it’s ‘minced’ or ‘beaten-up’ Parotta…and there are a lot of variations to this wonderful dish that you can just whip up and impress everyone. The first time I had this dish was at a small little road-side shop in Trivandrum (aka Thiruvananthapuram), though origianally from Tamil Nadu! Enjoy this wonderful dish […]
French Toast, Sweet or Spicy?

French Toasts are just an easy and amazingly quick option for breakfasts. There are days when you want something sweet, so we have the traditional Sweet French Toast or there are days when you need that spicy kick right from the get-go and for those days we have Spicy French Toasts! Either way, we have […]
12 Days of Christmas – Curry Style

Wishing all of our viewers a wonderful holiday season and a very healthy, happy & prosperous New Year! Hetal & Anuja
Medu Vada

Medu Vada or simply Vada are crispy fritters made with urad daal and enjoyed with sambar or chutney. They are usually served along side idli as part of a perfect South Indian breakfast, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying these vadas for lunch or dinner.

Idlis are traditionally a breakfast item but the fact that when served with Sambar and Chutney, they are a full meal and can be enjoyed at any time of the day! Idlis are steamed making them very healthy and very light. You’ll be amazed how many you can eat but then who’s counting? Making Idlis […]
Breakfast Burritos

Try something different, try something new, try Breakfast Burritos! Contrary to the name of this dish, it can be enjoyed just as much for a snack, lunch or dinner!
Egg Bhurji (Masala Egg Scramble)

Egg Bhurji is great for days when your refrigerator has no vegetables in it or you are just too tired to cook and need something quick! It can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner, Masala Egg Scramble is fantastic any time of the day.
Chapatti Dough in Bulk

If you are one of those busy people who just can’t find the time to make homemade chapatti or paratha, try making the dough (atta) in bulk. With the help of your food processor and freezer, you will be enjoying hot, fresh chapati in no time.
Sevia Upma

Ever tire of the Suji Upma? Try this wonderful twist for a change. Vermicelli is known by a host of other names – Sevia, Seviya, Semiya, Sevai. Upma is a great breakfast or snack idea and goes great with C-Chutney or Tomato Chutney or just plain old pickle!
Desi Mac (Macaroni and Cheese)

Now give us a good reason why the grown-ups should be left out when the kids eat that yummy Mac ‘n’ Cheese! Here is a recipe for ‘Desi’ Mac (macaroni and cheese) and as the name suggests, it is full of flavor and other goodies that you will be proud to eat as well as […]
Masala Egg Paratha

Looking for a hearty and healthy weekend breakfast idea? Running out of things to feed the kids after school, filling enough to keep them happy until dinner? Look no further. This wonderful Indian recipe for Masala Egg Paratha is perfect. With it’s fun presentation, everyone will be asking for more.
Suji Upma

Do away with the boring breakfast of toast and cereals and jazz up with some spice and flavour. This quick and easy Suji Upma recipe is tradiaonally served for breakfast but then there is no rule that you can’t enjoy it any other time of the day.
How To Make Masala (in bulk)

Every few months I get together with a friend and we have a ‘masala making session’! We spilt the cost of the materials, the work load and then, split the masala. It takes a few hours but once it’s done, cooking is just so easy and so fast. All you have to do is add […]
Portobello Burger

This is a recipe that we demonstarted on Y!live. Try this wonderful and very flavorful burger and yup, it is a Portobello Mushroom. Have it with a bun and some garnishings or just by itself. Great for the summer BBQ parties or grill it in a ‘Lean Mean Cooking Machine” just for yourself.
How to Sprout Beans

Bean Sprouts are an extremely healthy and delicious way to enjoy legumes. Although sprouting can seem intimidating to some, it is really an easy process. Any whole bean can be sprouted – Mung, Garbanzo, Moth, Adzuki, Lentil, etc. Sprouts can be eaten raw in salads or cooked. Try this simple method for Mung Beans and […]
Homemade Paneer – Indian Cheese

Paneer is an Indian cheese which is used in many recipes for appetizers, main courses and desserts. It does not melt when heated. Paneer is very easy to make at home. Try this easy to follow recipe.
Home-made Kahlua

For all those wonderful people who’d like to make that tempting “Warm Kahlua Dessert” but have some restrictions….make your own Kahlua with or without alcohol and let that not come in the way of enjoying this gorgeous dish!
Homemade Yogurt (Dahi)

Homemade yogurt is so simple to make that you’ll wonder why you haven’t made it before. Try this recipe and you will agree that homemade yogurt has a delicious flavor that is very different from store bought ones, not to mention how much cheaper it is to make versus buying.
Open Sandwich My Way!

Baked Beans have been a camping favorite, it seems, from the beginning of time…..but with this recipe, we take them to a whole new level.  An Uncle of our’s introduced it to our family years ago and with a few tweaks and changes, it has been our family favorite “quick lunch” for many many years.  Using Vegetarian […]
Hindustan Times’ “K2K Food Court”

One of our subscribers sent us an excellent article from Hindustan Times called “The K2K (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) food court”.   It showcases 60 of the most classic Indian dishes for the 60 glorious years of Indian independence.  Check to see how many of your favorites make the cut and you will be surprised to […]
Tandoori Masala

This Tandoori Masala has a universal appeal…..Use it for Tandoori Chicken, Fried Fish, Grill Shrimps or Paneer and Vegetable skewers. The list is endless so be creative!
Stocking your Pantry for Indian Cooking 101 – Part 2

Hetal and Anuja show you the basics of stocking your pantry for Indian cooking. This is part 2 of the 2 part series:
Stocking your Pantry for Indian Cooking 101 – Part 1

Hetal and Anuja show you the basics of what you need in your pantry for Indian cooking.

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