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Once in a while, we crave a change from boring sodas and juices. Gajar ki Kanji, a unique tasting beverage made from carrots and beets, is a great alternative to your average drink. Add a few green chilies to give this recipe an added kick or simply enjoy this refreshing and beautiful beverage.


Water – 8 cups
Carrots – 2 large, peeled and julienned
Beetroot – 1/2, peeled and julienned
Green Chilies – to taste, slit
Powdered Mustard Seeds – 1 Tbsp
Salt – 2 tsp or to taste
Red Chili Powder – to taste


1. In a pitcher or jar with a lid, add all of the ingredients and mix well.
2. Keep the pitcher in the sun for 3-5 days, stirring at least once or twice daily.
3. Once fermented, store Kanji in the refrigerator.
4. Serve chilled. Mix before serving. Carrots, Beets and Green Chilies can be eaten.
5. Remains fresh for up to 2 weeks.

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