Suji Halwa (Sheera/Kesari)

Suji Halwa is associated with a lot of religious functions where it usually served as ‘prasad’ (offering to the Gods). Having said that, there is absolutely no rule against you having it at any other time as well. The beautiful texture of this dessert is absolutely stunning, along with the crunch of the dry fruits and nuts, makes this dessert a crowd pleaser. Bonus points since it’s so easy to make that it is also…

"Suji Halwa (Sheera/Kesari)"

Suji Upma

Do away with the boring breakfast of toast and cereals and jazz up with some spice and flavour. This quick and easy Suji Upma recipe is tradiaonally served for breakfast but then there is no rule that you can’t enjoy it any other time of the day.

"Suji Upma"