Molten Lava Cake

Molten Lava Cake is a chocolate lover’s delight. The drama that goes into breaking into the cake to reveal warm, gooey chocolaty goodness, is priceless! It’s a perfect combination and pairs beautifully with cold vanilla ice cream – the . Surprise your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with this super easy recipe! And, Subha, thanks for this recipe! Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 10-15 minutes Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate – 4 oz (113g)…

"Molten Lava Cake"

Biscuit Cake How-to Video

Biscuit Cake ! It’s that wonderful time of the year when you are scrambling for something exciting to impress that someone special in your life. Enjoy this wonderful cake with a twist…yup, it is made with biscuits!!! and no baking required. Simple and easy and the end of the road is just a sweet sweet deal.

"Biscuit Cake How-to Video"