Enter to win a UMID mbook – The World’s Smallest PC

Congratulations Amy! (entry #61) for winning the UMID mbook. Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway!

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a mobile internet device, Intel’s new UMID mbook, the world’s smallest PC. Given its tiny size (6.3 x 3.7 x 0.7 inches, weighing 0.69 lbs) and resembling a fancy compact makeup case, it’s a technology accessory you can take anywhere.

My first reaction when I opened the box was skepticism. It looked way too small to have any useful features, just another fad gadget I thought. But hey, I have an open mind, so I was off give it a spin.

The first logical stop with the mbook was of course, my kitchen. I usually use a notepad and pen to jot down my countless recipe experiments, or my laptop when I’m feeling really technical, but I hate to give up valuable counter space. I’d long been a little envious of friends who used their smart phones to watch cooking videos while they cooked. Now, it was my turn. I was surprised at the high resolution screen and the clarity and speed at which the videos played, even HD ones. No pesky pixels. The added plus was that the screen propped up and I could watch the videos or browse recipes from a distance, unlike the phones where you’d have to look down at the counter.

Though my husband (a big fan of being productive anywhere and everywhere) has been trying fruitlessly to convince me to get a smart phone, my biggest reason for not getting one is the size. Even though I carry a purse, I like to keep my cell phone in my pocket. I can hear it or feel it vibrate and it’s easy access. Try fitting a smart phone in the pocket of a tight fitting pair of jeans. The mbook easily fits into my purse (I have to say, it’s smaller than my wallet) and I can still carry my tiny cell phone in my pocket.
Intel mbook
It has long been known that Intel builds processors, or the “brains” of your PC. Now Intel has gone a step further and designed the smaller and more power efficient Intel® Atom™ processor. It enables you to get devices with full PC functionality and still be small enough to fit into your purse or pocket. How I wish I had the UMID mbook during the Thanksgiving break while lugging kids, carry-ons and my bulky laptop through airport security.

The UMID mbook runs full Windows XP and I was thankful for the snazzy touch screen and stylus. I am a self proclaimed “mouse” girl. My biggest problem with laptops is the absence of a mouse. The touch screen on the mbook won me over. It’s better than a mouse! Guess I’m a “stylus” girl now.

With the size limitations, I found that I could not fit both my hands on the small sized keyboard. After a little adjustment time, I was able to type efficiently using the fingers of my left hand and the stylus in my right hand.

A big plus for the mbook is the on-board camera which made it perfect for me to Video Conference on Skype. The five-hour battery life is great for all my favorites: staying active on Facebook, Tweeting, uploading photos, downloading movies on iTunes, or even just to stay productive. I’m pretty sure that the next time I am on-the-go (or waiting patiently in the car-pool lane to pick up the kiddos), I can continue jotting down my next great recipe idea or answering the countless cooking questions that come daily.

For being the World’s Smallest PC, the UMID mbook is reasonably priced. You can find one at Dynamism.com for $449+. For a limited time, they are even including a free MicroSD Card with your purchase! And for all you girlie girls out there, the mBook is also available in pink.

Want a UMID mbook for yourself?

Of course, if you’d like to enter a contest for a chance to win a UMID mbook, just leave a comment below and answer the question, “How would this small Mobile Internet Device make your life easier?”, or you may leave a link to your post on your own blog in the comments below.

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Review by Hetal Jannu

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0 thoughts on “Enter to win a UMID mbook – The World’s Smallest PC

  1. My life would be better because I am constantly on the computer but the large outdated laptop I own has missing keys and a cracked screen (please don’t ask) LOL!!! It would be a major improvement. Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. What a wonderful little thing, I can carry it around in my tote bag! I always feel unproductive & lazy on my bus commute but I could use this to check my emails and pay bills before my work day really starts! I could also avoid uncomfortable conversations at holiday parties by pretending I have some serious work to do. 🙂

  3. This would make my life a lot easier because I’d be able to stay connected on the road. It would keep me more organized as I could use it as a planner as well. There are endless uses and I hope I get the chance to own this wonderful gadget!

  4. This small device would make my life a whole lot easier when I travel or am away from my PC for a long period of time. It’s such a convenient size that I could carry it around in my purse & use it anywhere that WiFi is available. Thanks!

  5. It sure would make life easier for me and my clients (am a social worker) when I have to do home visits and just cross my fingers and hope I remember key points by the time I get back to the office. And if it were WiFi connected I could re-up their assistance grants right on site, saving myself about 500tybillion phone calls each day asking when I’d be back in and when could I get it done.

    Oh, and also I could check my Google Reader from the various coffee houses and McDonalds that I find myself in each day. Cause that’s important, too.

  6. How would this small Mobile Internet Device make my life easier? For starters, I would not have to lug around my big and heavy laptop for more than 90% of my daily tasks. Having a full featured laptop that is so small and portable will just help in my goal of being “Connected all the time” on facebook, twitter, my blog, email and instant messaging. Wow!

  7. This device would make my life easier because I could check my email on the go. It would make the sitting around waiting for my kids to finish piano or ballet lessons much more productive.

  8. Im very much impressed by the Blade Sharp technology of this very tiny gadget. This tiny gadget gives all the latest Technonogy, more so very easy to handle. Very very handy, cute can be easily carried anywhere without any fuss. I am a house wife, and very much computer addict. I love to browse cooking sites, movies, do lot of shopping. For me this Computer is of great help, it fits in my purse, can be used to be in touch with family, friends, and browse to my heart content. I am also fond of music, i can listen to lot of good songs, watch lot of programmes on You tube, It is realy great pleasure to own Intels new UMID mbook, also feel proud to have one of worlds smallest pocket computer.It is realy a must for every one.

  9. I am a writer, a mother of 13 assorted bio-, step- and foster- children and hoards of grands and greats. Boy would this little gadget help me stay better connected to the clan AND not stress my arthritic elbows packing it around as my lifesize laptop does!

  10. This would make my life easier by being able to use it on the go without having to carry around my laptop which gets heavy and annoying to lop out every time I need it!

  11. Well it would make waiting around much easier… it’s so portable! And I wouldn’t have to wrestle my husband for the computer:) Plus it’s so lightweight and small it would be easy to store and always keep with me

  12. I would LOVE to win this great little gadget! It would be so handy to keep in my purse while shopping. In the car, in between stops, I could check my local stores for the best deals. Thanks!

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  14. This little device will allow me to be more connected while out and about. So many times I wish I had a way to write something down before I forget it for blogging. This would let me do that and document things for my family.

  15. I don’t have an access to the internet on the go and it’s always my dream to have one gadget in my purse to do all these emails work. This small Mobile Internet Device would definitely make my life happier and easier!

  16. This device would make my life easier by allowing me to stay in touch when I am out of the house or on the road with out lugging a laptop around. I love how light and small it is.

  17. I would be able to do so much with this, but the feature I’m most excited about is being able to Skype from wherever I am. My family is all out of state, so that’s how we keep in touch.

  18. This little device would make my life easier by having access to email and the internet while I’m out and about. Small enough to fit in my purse!

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