Swiss Roll (Roulade)

Valentines Day is coming up and here is your chance to present your sweetheart a show stopper dessert! Ultra soft spongecake is rolled around your choice of filling (jam, jelly, whipped cream, chocolate, etc). Try this Swiss Roll recipe for a sure fire way to someone special’s heart.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Bake Time: 8 minutes plus cooling time
Makes: 10-12 slices


For Simple Syrup:
Sugar – 1/3 cup
Water – 1/3 cup
Lemon Juice – 1 tsp
Vanilla – 2 tsp

For Sponge Cake:
All purpose Flour – 6 Tbsp
Corn Starch – 6 Tbsp
Sugar – 6 Tbsp (divided 3 + 3)
Eggs – 5 Large, separated into yolks and whites
Vanilla – 1 tsp
Butter – for greasing pan
All purpose Flour – 1 Tbsp for dusting pan
Powdered Sugar – 1 Tbsp for dusting
Your choice of filling – Jam, Jelly, Whipped Cream, Nutella, Chocolate, etc

Method: (Preheat Oven 375F / 190C)

1. For Simple Syrup: In a small saucepan on medium heat, mix Sugar and Water and cook until mixture starts to boil and Sugar is completely dissolved.
2. Remove from heat and mix in Lemon Juice and Vanilla. Keep aside to cool.
3. Butter the bottom and sides of a 10×15 inch Jelly Roll Pan. Line with Parchment Paper cut to the size of the pan. Butter the Parchment Paper.
4. Lightly dust with All purpose Flour to coat all sides and remove excess flour. Keep pan aside.
5. Sift together All purpose Flour and Corn Starch and keep aside.
6. In a large bowl, beat Egg Yolks and 3 Tbsp Sugar until smooth, creamy and light yellow (approx 5 minutes). Add Vanilla and mix through.
7. In another large bowl, beat Egg Whites until soft peaks form. Hand blender works well.
8. Add 3 Tbsp Sugar and continue to beat until stiff peaks form. Mixture should not fall out of bowl if turned upside down.
9. Add 1/3 Egg Whites into Egg Yolk mixture and gently fold in.
10. Add 1/2 Flour/Corn Starch mixture and continue to gently fold in.
11. Add 1/3 Egg Whites and continue to fold in.
12. Add remaining Flour/Corn Starch mixture and continue to fold in.
13. Add remaining Egg Whites and gently fold in until entire batter is evenly mixed.
14. Pour batter onto prepared pan and spread gently and evenly. Do not press hard or batter will deflate.
15. Bake cake for 6-8 minutes until light golden in color and firm.
16. Remove cake from pan (with parchment paper) and place on a cooling rack until completely cool to the touch.
17. Lightly dust a second piece of parchment paper (slightly larger than cake) with Powdered Sugar.
18. Flip cooled cake onto the new parchment paper and gently peel off the old parchment paper.
19. With a pastry brush, brush on cooled Simple Syrup evenly over the top and sides of the cake.
20. Spread a light layer of your choice of filling.
21. Starting from the side closest to you, start to roll the cake using the parchment paper. Gently peel back the parchment paper as you keep rolling (some small cracks may form at the beginning.). Swiss Roll should be placed with the seam on the bottom.
22. Swiss Roll tastes best at room temperature but must be stored in the refrigerator in a air tight container or plastic wrap. Can be made a day in advance.

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0 thoughts on “Swiss Roll (Roulade)

  1. hi anuja & hetel,
    i am a fan of your website.i am new to US.i am totally confused with the brands to chose from.luckily i watched your website and came to know lot of it.i tried your puffs,rava idli and really tips make a magic to the recipee.i tried swiss roll, as most of them said my cake also broke when i rolled.i’ll try it once more.
    can u give the recipe of butter biscuits as we say in india.once again thanks for your recipes and tips
    and the punch(add a pinch of spice………….).

  2. Thanks for the recipe,Hetal and Anuja.

    My 3 and 1/2 year old , however,had one question -“Why arent the aunties wearing aprons??”


  3. hi
    i m asking this qus abt choco lava cake that if i diont have bowl like u can i make it in cupcake mold sorry i ask this que here bcs on the lava cake page there is error i cant submit my comment please give me reply
    thank u

  4. If I plan to use whipped cream or chocolate for the filling should I add lemon juice to the simple syrup or should I omit it? I am confused.

  5. hi,

    I made this swill role today but it was a big flop as my cake broke while rolling. I do not know what went wrong. It looks so easy while watching the video but it isn’t so easy. Anyways we ate it with bits and pieces together.

  6. hey… u both rock….. thanx for this recipe.. i was dying to make this but a live demo like made it soi much simple…..

  7. Hi Anuja,

    Thanks for the reply…i’m in US i used the corn flour that i got from india…i tried this recipe today..unfortunately i wasn’t able to roll it well it broke apart..don’t know where i went wrong..anyway thanks for the recipe…

  8. hii anuja & hetal di,

    i tried this recipe today and the result was amazingÒ€¦..thanks a lot for posting it..

    1. Hi Sandy,
      In the US, Cornflour is a different – it is flour made from the Corn and Corn starch is the thickening agent. In India Corn flour is the thickening agent. So it depends where you are – if you are in India – use Corn flour.

  9. Hi Anuja & Hetal

    I m pure vegeterian & dont eat eggs. Could you please show us how to make eggless spongeeeeeeeeee cake please. Tried many receipe but no joy πŸ™

  10. can i make it on stove cause i dont have oven he he ya it is weird to say that but if you could answer my quetion please my mom birthday is near and i want to make this anyway you look nice with the new hair style Anuja.

  11. Hi Hetal and Anuja,
    You make baking this cake seem sooooo easy! However, it takes a bit of work (and practice, in my case). I did something wrong cos my cake broke when I was rolling it (all the trouble to bake the cake, baste the sugar syrup on it, and spread the jam… but alas!). It actually broke into three parts πŸ™
    (We walloped it anyways cos its delicious :D)

    Probably, these were the two places I went wrong:
    1) I didn’t spread the batter enough, so the cake must’ve been too thick.
    2) I baked it for 10 minutes to get an even golden color.

    Do you think these were my mistakes?

    1. Jolene I had the same problem – I have made it 3 times now and it breaks so I sandwich it and consume. Hetal & Anuja can u throw some light as to why this is happening?

  12. Hello Ladies,
    I love the swiss roll. My mom use to make it for me all the time.She would dust a cotton kitchen towel with pwd. suger and put the cake on the towel while still hot.She then would dust the other side of the cake with pwd. sugar and roll the cake with towel and set it aside till the cake cools.When the cake is cool she would unroll the cake and fill it and roll it up.
    I know this sounds a little wacky but it works every time. Just wanted to pass this tit bit along. Hope it helps

  13. Hi Hetal & Anuja,

    I tried lot of your recipes and most of them turned out to be good…thanks a lot guys.
    When i tried the swiss rolls i couldn’t roll it at all…it just broke a part…could you pls tell what i might have went wrong.


  14. hi ladies,
    I love your recipes and have tried a lot of them. They turned out to be really good.Is there any other flour or combination of flour which can be used to make this or any other recipe gluten free as my daughter is suffreing from celiac disease.if you ladies or any one can help me with my query I would really appreciate that.

  15. Hi guys

    Your site is rocking. I tried so many recipes in your site. Can u post some pastries(indian style) for pastry lovers like me.

  16. hi hetal & anuja
    thanx for easy receipe but same question i m veg so how can make it without egg. plz reply other any smilar receipe without egg .

    1. Hi Harjinder,
      Sorry to disappoint all the folks who do not eat eggs – we tried a lot of recipes but were just not happy with the results and just could not put it up πŸ™
      Don’t worry, we will have a lot of eggless cakes and cookies coming out in the future πŸ™‚

      1. Hi,
        Tried making swiss roll yesterday but even after blending for sometime, egg whites didn’t turn stiff πŸ™
        Can you tell me the reason why?
        BTW I have tried most of ur recipes and they turn out great everytime!!! just love ur way of cooking and presentation…u ladies rock!!!

  17. i have been observing u for quite sometime now..m trying out ur recipes and i must say u both is fun no doubt but along with that the flavour of smiles that u both add is mesmerising!!!
    my kids watch ur faces while i…ur cooking style…..what a combination…..!!!!

    1. Monali,

      Haven’t experimented but I know that you can use maple syrup as a substitute for vanilla extract. Should be used in the same quantity. Let us know in case you try it πŸ™‚

  18. Wow what a nice recipe! Thanks a lot for uploading this video. I always loved swiss roll but never tried to make at home. And, now I will. Thanks again for this wonderful recipe. Keep up the good work.

  19. Hi Hetal and Anuja,

    Perfect dessert and prsentation. sure to fascinate someone next week with this. I have a request for a dessert – Flan. Can you guys come up with a video…. I guess it is yummy just like this.


  20. Hi Hetal and Anuja…

    Please suggest alternative for eggs so that i can make it for my husband for Valentines..
    Please hurry…

    Sejal (SM)

  21. Hi Hetal and Auja

    Swiss Roll looks so yummy. i wanna try it.. but since we dont eat eggs, can u suggest me any egg alternative to make this yummy recipe possible?

    Thanks a lot for ur recipes.. they r always yummy and tasty..

  22. Wow Ladies, wonderful job. You both made this rather tedious recipe look so easy.I would have never thought of making a swiss roll at home, but now it looks like a ‘piece of cake’. I must credit you both for the delicious recipes and the great amount of hard work you put in. Hetal and Anuja, thanks for your website. Today you two look lovely.Please keep smiling ,as always.
    God Bless you both.

  23. Hi Anuja & Hetal,
    Good job. Yes Nutella will be a good option instead of jam. Valetine’s day is a all about chocolates right πŸ™‚ Just a suggestion, u could use a serrated knife, to cut the cake. It’s a lot easier. Since I don’t eat eggs wondering how to modify this recipe. Any suggestions on this? I don’t think flax seeds will work on this.
    Thank you for your time & response in advance.
    Adding a pinch of love to your life πŸ™‚

  24. Hello,
    Is there anyway in which this swiss roll can be made without eggs? Do you have a substitution for eggs in this recipe?

    1. Even I would be interested in knowing how to make this w/o egg. Even if it turns out not as great, its okay. Each time you use eggs, please let us know if eggless version is possible.

  25. Wow!!! Awesome recipe πŸ™‚ Definitely gonna try it very soon. Thanks a lot Anuja and Hetal… You girls are doing a fantastic job… Keep it going πŸ™‚

  26. Hi ladies, love the recipe!
    I’ve got a request for you. I’m using an iPad & on the printer friendly version of your recipes, when I click on any sentence, it gets deleted. Is there any way to fix this? Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  27. Hi Hetal n Anuja,
    love u guys πŸ™‚
    this is a tough recipe but will try…
    btw this kitchen is not the regular kitchen u cook …
    is this ur home kitchen ??? gee i know its cheeky of me to ask …

  28. Hey, Hetal and Anuja you both look so so so beautiful..not only by dressing but want to say you both r nice person..god bless you…I want to meet you..but I am so far in Canada…wish you all the very best for your show…ever and forever.

  29. hi anuja and hetal,
    thanks for the wonderful recipe.u both r awesome.just a quick question can we make a sponge cake without eggs.

  30. Excellent!! Fantastic, I never thought it wud be so easy to make at home,u guys are great…………. Plz tell how to whip cream at home i mean the sugar and cream proportions as i really want to try it out plz reply fast i have all the ingredients on hand and cant wait to make a weekend suprise for my family!
    I keep winning praises whenever I make something frm SMTC!
    but the real credit goes to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Muah muah………to u guys!

  31. Anuja – you look so pretty in this color with straight hair.Hetal – your kitchen is so beautiful and you look good in anything !

  32. Hi ladies
    This is really really awesome and yummy recipe…definately a tea time snack:)…i liked it ..
    @anuja…today u r looking simply beautiful with ur straight hair:)

    1. True! Anuja is looking very pretty and face also looks bright and cheerful. Hetal is beautiful as usual!

      BTW, what was that joke you guys kept laughing about? Anyway, it was a nice recipe and enjoyed watching!

      1. Agree with you all! Anuja is looking awesome and hetal as usual lookin cute!! Both are too beautiful for their age..lucky DH!!!

  33. hey very nice recipe.. i am going to try it soon,,
    and this is your new kitchen. looks sooo good. i saw photographs on facebook. keep up the good work

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