Dum Aloo How-to Video

Dum Aloo is a popular dish from the region of Kashmir in India. Have you ever been in the mood for delicious Kashmiri Dum Aloo but been discouraged by all the deep frying? Well, try this recipe for a healthy version of Dum Aloo that skips frying all together. The best part…you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Detailed Dum Aloo Recipe

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0 thoughts on “Dum Aloo How-to Video

  1. hai!…
    you people are just fantastic …..i’m from kerala and is trying to study about north indian foods…. i have tried this dum aloo many times but i have never got a positive result …. 🙁 my yogurt always gets separated from the water and spoils my dish ….. What should i do?…
    keep cooking…..
    keep rocking……

    1. Hi Shaina,

      Small potatoes are sometimes called “new potatoes” and are available in many US grocery stores, directly next to regular potatoes. You can use red potatoes.

    1. Hi Urvi,

      “Divided” simply means that the oil is split into 2 portions. For example, “2 Tbsp, divided” means that you have to use 1 Tbsp in one part of the recipe and another 1 Tbsp somewhere else…not all at once.

  2. Hi! u guys are doing a great show! Keep Rocking! Can u tell me the difference between paprika and red chilli powder used in this recipe. I’m fairly new to cooking, so please advise.
    Thank u! cheers!

    1. Hi Yamini,

      Paprika is made from dried red bell pepper (capsicum). It is used for flavor and most importantly, color. It is not spicy like red chili powder.

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