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Bollywood Hollywood War

Listen to Curry girls, Hetal and Anuja, talk about Sony’s plagiarism lawsuit against the producers of the Bollywood movie Partner.
Miss Teen USA Blunder

Listen to Curry girls, Hetal and Anuja, talk about Miss South Carolina’s unfortunate blunder at the Miss Teen USA Pageant.
Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Listen to Curry girls, Hetal and Anuja, discuss the voting for the seven wonders and their experience at the Taj Mahal.
Stay-at-Home vs. Working Moms

Curry girls debate the pros and cons of stay-at-home vs. working moms. Stay-at-Home vs. Working Parents
End of School Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s the end of school year and kids are getting ready for their summer vacation. Here you will hear us give you some of our gift ideas for your children’s teacher. Teacher Gift Ideas
Hetal Whining

Well, I am not really whining. I am just complaining about how I hate it when people refuse to share their recipes. Hetal Whining
Pre-Kindergarten Graduation!

I just attended my son’s pre-K graduation ceremony. Can you really believe they have one for pre-K? Pre-Kindergarten Graduation
Mothers Day Gift Ideas

We give you some great ideas for mother’s day gifts Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Re-inventing yourself – Bollywood style

How do the stars do it? They re-invent themselves so easily. Why can’t we do so? Re-inventing yourself – Bollywood style

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